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Latest Projects

  • bamboo

    Bamboo for Men

    Bamboo for men is undoubtedly a fabulous and bold creation that characterizes major success.

  • passion-extreme-p

    Extreme Passion for Women

    With bold top notes and expressive, fresh and luscious scent, this fragrance stakes its claim as being breezily modern.

  • sunjava-men

    Sun Java for Men

    The base of the subtle fragrance is an assorted bouquet of powerful and diverse notes.

  • sunjava-women

    Sun Java for Women

    The magic of the senses, the journey of essential oils... An extraordinary fragrance with a captivating and bewitching emotional pull.

  • java-white-men

    Sun Java White for Men

    Citrus notes such as lemon, orange and grapefruit are released in a perfect accord, a spring melody.

  • Sun Java White for Women

    Sun Java White for Women

    Melon, peach, and coconut accords unfurl from the floral middle notes where jasmine combines delightfully with ylang-ylang.

  • white-touch-p

    White Touch for Women

    This fragrance offers a majestic composition bursting with life and light.

  • blue-touch-p

    Blue Touch for Men

    Strong and truly masculine, the bottle exudes an image of power and virility. It will appeal to men seeking something real and seductive.

  • black-touch-p

    Black Touch for Men

    Elegant and mysterious, subtle and radiant, the bottle and packaging invite us into an irrepressibly masculine and virile world.

  • Sunrise for Men

    Sunrise for Men

    True to the creative direction of the perfume house, this line for men releases an aura and a sensuality that is very masculine and profoundly inspired by the spirit of Paris.

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